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For many years the large enclosed malls have had the financial advantage to be able to offer their own co-branded mall gift card for use at their tenant stores and in the process transfer local consumer dollars back to the national chains.

Now for the first time, Store Financial, with over 600 mall and town center clients and over 30 million issued gift cards has teamed up with Gift Card USA, a leading provider of closed loop gift card programs for small merchants, in order to provide this same service to smaller shopping centers, downtown districts, college towns, and other otherwise unrelated independent retail stores and restaurants.

We can do this because of our Restricted Authorization Network, also known as RAN, which allows us to build a single prepaid card program that will process with every merchant account processor or acquirer and every POS system or standalone terminal within a predefined geographic area or grouping of related or unrelated merchants. While closed loop cards are typically for single merchant locations or small chains and open loop cards can be redeemed at millions of merchants worldwide, customers will only be able to redeem your RAN gift cards in your select circle of merchants or stores.

Our gift card program is completely turnkey and requires very minimal time from participating merchants. They will accept your card in the exact same manner as any other credit or prepaid debit card using their existing processing equipment with no modification or additional programming. Prior to the program launch we will simply swipe a special test card through their terminal and it will provide us all of the info required to add them to your RAN. Cards are bank-issued and guaranteed and will process via our global bankcard network. Your program administrator will have access to robust real-time online reporting of every aspect of your program.

We have a team of professionals whose only goal is to ensure that your program will launch successfully and then back it up with 24/7/365 live support for both you and your consumer customers. We offer the options of both in-person on-site setup of your entire program or remote phone setup and training.

Now that you have learned that there is a program out there that will greatly benefit your local business district by keeping local dollars local please feel free to contact us in order to put together an outstanding program designed just for you.

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